eXtremeManQ30 Kaposvár Race


eXtremeManQ30 Kaposvár

WQF World Cup Race

Jun 26, 2022, start: 15:00 pm

Organizers of the competition: Attila Péter, the Kaposvár Freetime Association, Extrememan Kft. and Attidas Kft.

Race distance:

30 km, quadrathlon sprint distance (Swimming: 0.75 km; Cycling: 20 km; Kayak: 4.5 km; Running: 5 km)


Kaposvár, Lake Deseda (South side), Toponar Beach  (Race Center). GPS (46.396562, 17.822165).

Timetable on Sunday (26. Juny):

- Pick up Race Numbers:        13:00 - 14:30              Race Center at the Lake

- Depo open:              14:00 - 14:45             Race Center at the Lake

- Race Briefing (in English): 14:45    Race Center at the Lake

- Race Start:           15:00    In the Lake

- Cutoff Time:         3 hours (swimming: 0.5 hours; end of bicycle: 1.5 hours)

- Check-OUT:        from 17:00 Race Center at the Lake

- Ceremony:        17:30 Race Center at the Lake


  • - Solo (Age Groups after WQF Rules)
  • - Ladies and Men Relays (mixed teams are classified as men)
  • - Awards: medals for 1-3 places in every category


- Solo Adult, Masters Category 

             until 31.05. 19.000 HUF;   until 17.06. 22.000 HUF

-    Solo U17, U19, U23, Senior Category 

             until 31.05. 13.000 HUF;   until 17.06. 15. 000 HUF

- Relay 

            until 31.05 14.000 HUF,     until 17.06. 17.000 HUF

Registration deadline: 17.06. (based on the number of people that are emerging to date, we decide whether we can accept a later/on site entry)

Late/on site registration: + 6,000 HUF/person will be charged!  In this case, the entry does not contain any gift items.

Registration page: https://extrememan.nevezo.hu/register 

Starting list: https://extrememan.nevezo.hu/nevezesilistas 

Results after the race: https://eng.evochip.hu 

Canceling the entry:

To cancel, first select the race you wish to cancel at the “My Entry” tab. You have to choices: cancel with transferring back the entry fee or cancel with crediting Your account. In this case the handling fee is more favourable and You can use this balance to pay for Your next entry.

The deadlines and handling fees of canceling the race are as follows: 

For individuals and relays:

10.06.2022. HUF 3.000 (transfering back), HUF 1.500 (crediting)

After deadline we cannot accept further cancellation requests.


- Swimming in Deseda Lake 1 lap counterclockwise

- Cycling on the roads beside Lake Deseda, 2x10 km laps on closed roads (elevation 50 m / lap). 

- Kayak: on Deseda Lake, 3x1,5 km laps counterclockwise (Running shoes can be placed in the

        kayak depo)

- Running on the lakeside bicycle trail , 1 lap.

- Lake can be rather wavy in case of windy weather conditions! 

Race map:  https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1EpDkFXwUFFN1zNLoOViHTkzcRSARt_Lr&usp=sharing


Refreshment in the race center (after swim, running), at the bike turning point next to the race center.

- The race is under the rules oft he WQF: https://www.quadrathlon-online.de/wqf/WQF-Sport-Order.pdf - each athlete is required to know the rules and abide by them
- Abstract: 
o No-Drafting at the bike
o Helm must close at the bike
o no crossing of the middle line at the bike
o no race-number under the wetsuit
o not to throw anything away
o Life jacket can be obligatory (also short term)

- Kayaks can be rented out at the local kayak club’s boat house: Kajak-kenu Csónakház Kaposvári Vízügyi Sport Club
- Located 1,5 km from the venue
- https://goo.gl/maps/Y8Mf69Vds6yUwHcu8
- Contact: Ferenc Csima (csimaferenc72@gmail.com, +36 302355131),
- Price: 25 EUR/day, payment at the boat house

- The race is organised together with a sprint distance triathlon race. Start is separated from the triathlon. 
- Individuals and realys start at the same time. Individual competitors cannot be members of a relay team.
- Near the race course we provide a free camping site. Toilet, washbasin, cold water shower.

Contact/more information:

- Attila Péter (petiatti@gmail.com)

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