Race Date: 04. Jun. 2017. Sunday

Information Guide

The entry sheet is accessible by clicking on the hyperlink at the bottom of the current page after reading through the guide and accepting our terms.

Registration - modifying personal data

Entry is only possible for those already registered.

If you already possess an extrememan account, it is enough for you to log in the your account name and password on this website. If you do not remember your password, you can request a new one. Please do not create multiple accounts. In order to be eligible for certain future discounts, it is important to use the same account name!

If you have never been to this site so far, please start with the registration process. At the right side of the User menu box can you find the 'Create New Account' field. An e-mail will be sent  to the e-mail address you provided regarding the successfull registration. Within the e-mail please click on the link in order to activate your account.

Entering your name during the registration happens in separate steps. Please pay attention to correctly typing your name as it will appear on the finisher list and in other official press documents in its provided format. 
We will issue unique race numbers in 2017 as well. The maximum number of characters of the surename/nickname provided is 16.


Although providing the license nr. (race-pass) during registration is not manadatory, as per the Hungarian Sports Act, the Hungarian Triathlon Federation only grants participation right to those triathletes for priority races (and as per our plan, eXtremeMan 113 will be regarded as priority race in 2017) who have valid yearly race pass. The price of the 2017 HTF race-pass is not yet known.

With purchasing the license, the given triathlete receives a yearly accident insurance package not only covering all HTF triathlon races but the individual trainings as well. Additionally, the license purchase grants discount for acquiring own personal yellow chips for time measurement.
Once again, we would like to draw your attention to the usage requirement of the yellow chip. Those who do not enter the code of their personal chip under the personal data menu by the end of the modified deadline (8 June) AND/OR do not bring their yellow chip to Nagyatád, will be able to use the white chip only. In case of white chip usage, 1.000 HUF deposit (returnable on chip-return) and 1.000 HUF rental fee will be charged.

The Hungarian Triathlon Federation will work from the most uptodate participant database we provide to them just days before the race. This list will be sent to the time measurement team as well.

Please read a more detailed article on chip usage and licenses here.

The data you entered while registering can be modified later. You can change e.g. your nickname which is about to be written on the race number sheet, your license-code or chip code until 10.05.2017.


Entry Form

Once you registered and logged in, you can get access to the entry form. Within the headlines of the entry form you'll see your registration data in a non-modifiable format. If you want to modify it, you can do that in the User Menu/Personal Data field. This data is the basis of the entry database.

Filling the cells marked with a red star is mandatory. The following personal information will be made public on our website: name, gender, year of birth, country, city. A separate column will highlight your chipcode with yellow. If you have not provided that, it will be red.

In case You would like the invoice to be issued to another customer, You have to fill in the billing information. We send electronic invoices as per the data of the entry sheet after the entry fee arrived. Attention! There is no invoice modification possibility after the invoice is issued! 

After uploading your personal data you will be automatically entered into the entry sheet, however, your entry will be active only after you paid the correct entry fee.

The deadline for arriving the entry fee is 7 calendar days. After that the passive entries will be automatically deleted. The deleted slots become lost. New entries can be done only on the actual terms.


Entry Fee:

registered between 01.09.2016 - 31.12.2016: 12.000 HUF or 40 EUR

registered between 01.01.2017 - 31.03.2017: 14.000 HUF or 50 EUR

registered between 01.04.2017 - 10.05.2017: 16.000 HUF or 60 EUR

Entry deadline: 10 May 2017


eXtremeMan Discount:

All participants who have already registered to the 2017 eXtremeMan Nagyatád race and/or to the 2017 eXtremeMan Kaposvár113 race, are eligible for an additional 4,000 HUF discount. 

The discount is automatically granted by the system, based on the registrations and provided data. Of course it can do so only if the race registrations happen in the appropriate order. 

The entry fee can be transferred to the bank account of the Nagyatád Triathlon Club (NTSE):

Name of the Bank: Somogy Takarék
Account Holder: Nagyatádi Triatlon és Szabadidő SE
Account Nr.: 67000014-11013800
IBAN: HU17 6700 0014 1101 3800 0000 0000
​Swift code: TAKBHUHB

After completing the entry form we send You an e-mail with a code. Please fill in only this code into the assignment cell in case of bank transfer.

In case of willing to participate in more than one eXtremeMan race, all entry fees can be paid at once but in this case do not forget to highlight all the race IDs in the comment field.


Cancellation Deadline: 10 May 2017.
All cancellations due to any reasons are accepted before the deadline, however, no cancellation of any, even vis maior reasons is accepted after the deadline.
Please send a cancellation-subjected e-mail containing the individual's or team's name, the ID (416...) and the bank account number/account holder name. The Entry Fee will be paid back, minus a 3,000 HUF handling charge. 


1. As a future competitor of the ExtremeMan 51.5 race I accept and comply with the regulations of the Hungarian Triathlon Federation and with the ruling of the organizers.

2. I take full responsibility for my personal belongings and sport equipment. The race organizers take the same responsibility only for the equipments stored in the depo, dressing rooms and in the designated bags.

3. I hereby pronounce that I’m in appropriate shape and well prepared to the race. I participate in the race at my own risk.

4. My name and photo image can be freely used and forwarded to the media in relation to the ExtremeMan 51.5 competition.

5. I accept that my entry can be cancelled only until 10 May 2017 the latest. In this case handling charge worth 3,000 HUF has to be paid to the Organizing Committe. The entry cannot be transferred to the following year and neither to another individual.

6. I accept that my entry is valid only if I paid the entry fee as well.

I declare, that the guide above has been successfully read, its conditions are accepted.

Continue to the entry form.


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