Motiváció 2017

  • I have not entirely woken up from this fantastic dream. 
    THE BIGGEST THANK-YOU MUST GO OUT TO ALL, who contributed with their positive energy to this spectacular weekend. during the organizer sessions I used to ask everyone to jump - if just with one centimeter! - further than during the previous races.

  • I have a feeling that this Grand Prize will be one of the most popular ones!

    Anyone successfully finishing the eXtremeMan Nagyatád Race will be eligible for the drawing of lot.

    The lottery tickets for the Porec Triathlon will be in your starting pack, dear individual participants.

    Those who would like to win a long weekend in Porec, along with a free pass to its high-quality international mid-distance race, should do the following steps:

  • Apart from the title, the free accomodation for the whole long weekend of the race will be granted by our Italian trusted partner!
    We will prepare 250 lottery tickets for this prize, but the final number of those eligible for the lottery will be decided by your performance, dear future Finishers. 
    Why is that: only those will be eligible for this lottery who will finish the eXtremeMan Nagyatád Race within 12:30 hours AND completing the swimming distance within 80 minutes. Last year's performances forecast about 200 Finishers to be eligible...

  • In 2018 You can be in Roth, the European Capitol of Triathlon, and not just as a visitor, but as a participant as well! 

    Long-long time ago, when I was in Roth as a participant, the event was called 'Quelle Ironman Europe' and it was organized by one of the first German Finishers in Hawaii, by the legendary triathlete, Mr. Detlef Kühnel. 

    When he got to know that there was an Ironman-distance race even in Hungary (although at that time only a hundred participants dared to live up to the challenge), he encouraged me to keep on organizing the competition every year as the entire Hungarian triathlon society and even our small town will benefit from it (the Bavarian Roth is somewhat the same size as Nagyatád).

  • One of the most exciting moments of the year is the issue of the start list. We can say that the start list for the 2017 race is now final, only some minor additions will be there, but those will not influence the battle of the top participants.

    More than 1500 athletes will participate - either as an individual aspirant or as a member of a relay team - in this year's eXtremeMan Long Distance Triathlon Championships, thus it is not entirely bold to state that the population of Nagyatád was almost doubled on the race weekend.

    We will have triathletes from 12 different countries, mostly from Europe, but some even from overseas. 

  • Just one day  before the Great Day everyone present will have the chance to cheer for the kids' contest! 
    On 28 July 2017 (Friday), right after the Run with Smile lady race all parents will have the possibility to enjoy the view of their racing children. 
    Of course a fully closed race circuit will be provided for the event. 

    But how will this circuit look like?

  • The 'Big Playground' is being polished... and further underground jobs are being carried out as agreed with our mayor, István Ormai so that the optical cables would play a pivotal role in broadcasting the next 'Star Wars' episode - the clash of the best long-distance triathletes, here in Nagyatád,  in  July 2017... Beware!


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